Disaster Recovery & Infrastructure planning

Doctors, Lawyers and Mission Critical Businesses – Listen Up!

Don’t Be Offline

It happens to the best systems and the worst of times! Power outages, floods, natural disasters, infestations – we seen it all! Every hour you cannot do business, your lose money!

We all love to watch our employees do “nothing” when their PC has a problem – imagine your entire office down – unacceptable!

The Solution

Vanguard Systems specializes in disaster recovery and business continuity – we define your critical systems and prepare a business plan and infrastructure to allow you to continue to work quickly!

Vanguard Can:

  • Prepare a virtual server located in our data center so you are not bound by any of your physical locations
  • Prepare a 2nd standby server with data synchronization
  • Prepare an offsite server with data synchronization
  • Prepare “hot” PC so its always ready to work
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