Medical Billing Software

Are you starting your own medical billing business or already provide medical billing services?

Convergent’s Omnimd Medical Billing Software module is your ticket to a successful
medical billing practice – no one compares!

  • Put money back in THEIR practice!
  • Easy to manage, simple to learn, highly effective
  • Anywhere access
  • Tailored billing reports
  • Fast payments to your doctors
  • Low monthly cost
  • Quick Setup & Training
  • Simplifies charge capturing as CPT codes of each specialty are built into the system with an easy retrieval facility
  • Customizes superbill templates by specialty
  • Helps reduce charge denials as software refers to pre-installed CPT and ICD codes during billing to help ensure that wrong charges are not sent to the insurance company
  • Improves cash flow owing to faster billing facilitated by integration between charge capture and medical billing modules
  • Alerts for inappropriate code selection
  • Ensures greater accuracy, reduced chance of missed charges, and quicker initiation of the billing process.

Convergent’s Omnimd Medical Billing Software will manage your clients and grow your business. Perfect for Individual physicians, Group Practices & Medical Centers.

The time has never been better to offer these services to physicians!

Low Monthly Cost, Fast Implementation!

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